Here at Candy Paint Studio, my highest priority is to make unique sneakers my customers will never forget!

- Mats Lorentzen

I started out with restoring old cheap limited edition sneakers that I found online for myself but after a while I started getting more creative about my sneakers. I started drawing different kids of ideas on my iPad and materialized them.

My work started to get a lot of attention on Instagram so I decided to accept a few orders from my friends and after a couple of weeks my inbox was full of strangers who was complementing me for my work and was interested in a pair of their own. I was lucky enough to get noticed by a couple of music artists who was able to promote my work and expand my network here in Norway.

Today I can proudly say that I have made shoes for Scandinavian celebrities, tv and radio hosts, music artist, influencers, sport athletes, big and small businesses and sneaker-heads.

Mats Lorentzen

"I’m here to provide you the dopest sneakers, artwork and eye candy!"

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